Monday, 1 June 2015

Tuesday's Child, False Start, Wrong Point of Vew

I made several false starts when I began to write Tuesday’s Child. I had decided to write an author’s note to explain some of the events in Sunday's Child. After I finished the note, I began the novel, but no matter how often I wrote and rewrote the first page explanations about events in Sunday's Child were necessary
I needed a fresh approach. While I worked in the garden I considered the two important characters I had introduced in the first paragraph. Only one of them knew what happened in Sunday's Child so it became obvious that I should write from his point of view which would make it unnecessary to refer to previous events. .

Yesterday evening, after dealing with a lot of other ‘writerly’ business, I deleted the author's note and the first page. I then rewrote page one. As you can imagine, it's a relief to have solved the problem.





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